My Mommy is a Lawyer

My Mommy is a Lawyer tells the story of a loving mother’s long journey to becoming a lawyer. A child has the chance opportunity to travel back in time with a friendly owl to discover how his/her mommy graduated from law school, attained a law license, and works to help people in need. Be sure to keep an eye out for pesky hidden bunnies, and you might earn a golden carrot!

At the time of publishing this interactive book, there was a lack of children books focused on the careers of mothers. My Mommy is a Lawyer hopes to give encouragement and exposure to the idea of women pursuing careers starting at a young age. This is one career path in a series of possible books that could show a variety of potential dreams for aspiring children. My research focus on this project was communicating the complex journey of becoming a lawyer, creating a visual style that appeals to children, and crafting a interactive with gamification aspects to keeps children engaged.


Art Director
& Developer

  • Joshua Wilson

Art Lead

  • Crysi-Jean Bamberger

Composer &
Web Developer

  • Scott Cook


  • Hellen Le
  • Gabi Poprawa