Adorable bunnies set out on a arduous adventure to rescue the whimsical unicorns from the malevolent dragons. Cotton Tales brings together a variety of bunny types to aid you in your journey against an army of dragons. Choose your bunny wisely for the dragons have mighty fortresses and keep an eye out for trapped unicorns. Freeing them can add powerful allies to your arsenal. Collect golden carrots to unlock new levels and win trophies that will sit upon your throne. Be careful when facing the king of dragons, bunnies alone can not hope to defeat him.

Every year at the University of Texas at Arlington the Art and Art History department offers the SEED summer workshop for a select group of high school students chosen from the surrounding area. Students learn the creative process and techniques required to craft a work of art during an intense two week period. In the Summer 2015, SEED students learned about game development and design by creating their very own mobile game titled Cotton Tales. Cotton Tales is a homage to the arcade classic Angry Birds. The basic template of the game was decided ahead of time in order to make the process more manageable and enjoyable for the students. Each student created their own art assests from scratch. They decided how the projectile and enemies would act. From drawing concepts to vectored illustrations, students watched the bunnies, unicorns and dragons come to life.


  • Joshua Wilson
  • Crysi-Jean Bamberger

Special Thanks

  • Jessica Rose
  • Robert Hower
  • M. Kate Helmes
  • Jess Betancourt
  • Kelsey Childress


  • Jaye Yoo
  • Elio Valdez


  • Chase Sealey
  • Brooke Floyd
  • Zackery Hines
  • Fernando Flor
  • Sarah Andrew
  • Loveria Yancey
  • Maggie Oliveira
  • Rebecca Janecka
  • Moriah McMullin
  • Jennifer Chandler
  • Najee John Wright
  • Jacqueline Whittle
  • Annalecia Holman-Franco